De-cluttering My Life

Every once in a while, I feel like I’m losing site of the priorities of life. I tend to get caught up in the news…other people’s news…news about news. I could go on, but I think you get my point. It is time to de-clutter. My external life has become too frenetic. The news, other people’s news, the chatter, the nonsense and the minutia of life in general, feels overwhelming at times.

I’m an extreme introvert. Any disturbance in my external life, greatly affects my internal life. It’s time for a change. It is time to de-clutter. Let me be clear. I’m not talking about closets or that extra dresser with all the “stuff” stuffed inside. I’m talking about my mind, soul and spirit. That is where I need the de-cluttering! I call it redeeming the time. I want to redeem and reclaim the priorities of life. I want more balance and less frenetic activity.

The image I have of my life right now, is the scene in the movie “Forrest Gump.” You might remember that scene. It’s the one where Forrest is running and running and running and then all of a sudden, he just stops! Then he simply turns around and walks in the other direction. That is the image I see right now. That is how my life shift is going to take place. What would it look like for me to just stop, turn around and simply walk the other way?
Repentance literally means to turn around and go a new direction. I’m turning around and admitting that part of the frenetic pace of my life is the “stuff” that I get caught up in on social media. I need to clean house as it were, to let go of the attachment. I need to admit to the idol of the cell-phone.

As most standards go, I’m not glued to my phone because of “apps.” In fact, I am laughed at when I tell people I have one app on my phone. I don’t need to be pushed and pulled in all directions. I don’t need apps to tell me what to do, how to do it, where to do it, and then an app to analyze the app. Nope! I am determined to live life with as few apps as possible.

I want to spend more time with God, write more, learn how to paint, play with grandchildren, enjoy my family and care for friends who are struggling or just do good and share kindness where it is needed. I want to simplify again.

I think people today are longing for a time when they weren’t so pushed and pulled by outside sources. Whether we admit it or not, I believe our society is in great need of rest and renewal. How about you? Are you longing for a simpler time? What have you made your god? Is it time to stop…turn around and walk in the other direction? If so, it may be time to de-clutter your mind, soul and spirit.

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Cindy Burger is a Spiritual Director, Writer and depending upon who you talk to, a woman who speaks what is on her mind…often to her own detriment. Share this:
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2 Responses to De-cluttering My Life

  1. Dvaid Burnet says:

    Thank you; a very good message for many of us!


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