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Let Freedom Ring

It’s not too late to change the game, Just one vote, there is no shame. Now it’s time to make amends Change your mind-our land you’ll mend   Do not bow to “the man” alone or you will reap what … Continue reading

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 Permission to be the Bully

Perhaps part of the problem in America right now, is the resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. has given all the bullies in America permission to be a bully too. Don’t like someone’s skin color?  Be the bully Don’t like a … Continue reading

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The Gaping Wound in America’s Heart

  I never thought I would see leaders of our country kidnap children and hold them hostage to get their legislation passed.  I never thought we would have a president bent on the destruction of democracy, making deals with world … Continue reading

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Real Christian?

Kids in cages Make the call Tell the White House you are appalled Make America great again? I don’t think so, looks more like sin! Bring the little ones unto Me. Are you Christian?  Set them free!! Singing hymns and … Continue reading

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The Call of the Dove

It was still dark outside when I heard it. The gentle cooing of the dove woke me from my sleep. I turned over and hoped the bird would fly away, but then…it cooed again. In that instant, God reminded me … Continue reading

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