Fighting for my Country

I will be sixty-four years old next month and it is the first time I have ever fought for my country. No, I didn’t join the military. I decided to get involved in a local group of individuals who truly care about our American Democracy.

Every time I read about what our federal government is saying or doing, I am shocked and dismayed. But, I am not discouraged because by the multiplication of the “power of one,” I believe together, we CAN save our democracy.

Now one would think, as my granddaughter called me recently, this “funny old lady” would just mind her own business!

Newsflash – That’s not happening! Or as my Godson used to say, “Here’s the REAL of it!”

My involvement in politics has become my business because the majority of government representatives have reneged on making it THEIR business.

My taking action to stand up to authoritarian agendas has become my business, because the majority of government leaders are apparently too scared to make it THEIR business!

Yes! My joining small groups who are writing letters, attending protests, calling government representatives and speaking up for the weak and voiceless in our country, has become my business.

Why? Well, the bottom line is, if we EACH make it OUR business to care about this country’s freedoms and democracy, then all those who fought and died in the military to DEFEND our freedom…will not have fought and died in vain.

My father was a Veteran who was in a wheelchair after his service to this country. If I don’t stand up and fight for my country’s democracy, especially now…then everything he taught me about being a good American citizen, would be wasted.

So, for the first time, at the age of almost sixty four, I am fighting for my country with every fiber of my being and when I am older and more weary…I will fight some more if that is what it takes to save our American Democracy!

And just for the record…I won’t need a parade.

About burgercindy

Cindy Burger is a Spiritual Director, Writer and depending upon who you talk to, a woman who speaks what is on her mind…often to her own detriment. Share this:
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