Examples of the Power of One

I have not written much in this category on my blog. I’ve wanted to, but I have been focused on my book. Today though, as I’m going through final edits, I am distracted. I’m distracted by the tax scam bill that is working its way through Congress.  I’m distracted by the national parks boundaries that are being slashed by a want to be emperor and the oil barons surrounding him.  I’m distracted by the many children who no longer have health care and the parents of these children who will be paying more for their own healthcare. In other words, I am distracted by the temptation to become hopeless and depressed.,

Okay, enough of that!

I want to offer a few examples of how we can each pull ourselves (and perhaps others) out of the muck and mire of the daily REAL news. I want to offer some examples of the power of one that will help lift our spirits and keep us moving forward.  I have found that it helps to take positive action steps during such times.  Some of these may work for you. Some may not. Choose something of your own if that is the case. These are just a few suggestions or examples.

  • For ONE day…don’t turn on the TV, Facebook or news feeds. If you are not able to manage a whole day…do it for ONE hour. Allow yourself to make this suggestion work or fit for you and your schedule.
  • Find ONE organization or non-profit that helps people who are disadvantaged or poor or vulnerable. Then volunteer your time or donate supplies or make a monetary donation. Or better yet, do all three!
  • Take ONE hour to sit on the couch, drink tea or coffee or other beverage to your liking and read poetry, scripture or uplifting literature. Turn on some calming music.
  • Write ONE letter to a Congressperson or Senator THANKING them for voting for the causes and political standards that you support. Along the same lines, write to the director or CEO of ONE organization that is already working to protect vulnerable individuals in our current political climate.
  • Smile at ONE person (or more.)
  • Compliment ONE co-worker or family member.
  • Share ONE positive thing about your life right now with a friend, a neighbor, co-worker or family member.

As we walk through this season of Advent, I pray that you will serve as a light of hope in the darkness and a beacon of love for those who cross your path each day.

And never underestimate the difference that can be made in our world today by the power of one. 🙂



About burgercindy

Cindy Burger is a Spiritual Director, Writer and depending upon who you talk to, a woman who speaks what is on her mind…often to her own detriment. Share this:
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