Creating Time & Space

I hope you have had an opportunity to practice the “Power of One” this past week. I know it has helped me considerably to focus on at least ONE positive visit or connection of some kind. Every day we read the news and can easily feel discouraged. But I want to reassure you that the power of just ONE person can change our world…even if it is by changing one person’s outlook on life because we took the time to listen to them and share compassion.

The challenge for many of us though, is how do we find the time to commit to such change? There is much to be done and if you are like me, every minute seems to fill up quickly…especially if there is a vacuum of open space. My time gets sucked right up! Can any of you relate to this problem? 🙂

So how DO we create space so we can focus on the power of one? The same principle applies here, and that is, again…the power of one! Here is an example: For THIS week, I would like to encourage you to find ONE drawer, cupboard, closet or space in your garage that you will clean out. It helps to keep an ongoing “give away box” close by, so anything you want to donate can be placed in the box. I keep a box in my garage and when it is full, I put it in my trunk and take it to the local goodwill or other donation center.

After a period of time of committing to “just one” drawer or closet or desk or area of the garage to “clean up” (per week, or day etc.) you will find that your life will automatically create the space to put the “power of one” into practice. You will be able to spend a bit more time with your family or visit someone in the hospital or write that letter of encouragement or sign that petition for justice.

Care to join me this week? Be careful not to become overwhelmed. Remember, just ONE drawer, desk, cupboard, area of the garage etc. and then pat yourself on the back for “creating time and space” simply by applying the power of one! 😉


About burgercindy

Cindy Burger is a Spiritual Director, Writer and depending upon who you talk to, a woman who speaks what is on her mind…often to her own detriment. Share this:
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